Gina Fabiano

"Invest yourself in everything you do. There’s fun in being serious." - Wynton Marsalis

Often described as a serial-entrepreneur, I am a high-energy, self-motivated and passionate individual who does her best work in the launching stage of a new idea or product into the marketplace. I am skilled communicator and marketing strategist that invents creative and effective campaigns to build audiences for my clients. I straddle the intersection of traditional and cause marketing leading with my belief in the power of the collective good, bringing people together around a common idea or purpose that can affect positive actions.

In my career I have applied my skill-set in a wide array of industries, ranging from tech start-ups, non-profits, Wall Street hedge funds, to career management of a Grammy-nominated musicians, but the common denominator in each instance has been my strong work ethic and unwavering dedication to connecting great ideas with their ideal audiences.

As a classically trained musician, converted jazz head, and artist manager, I have always been inspired by the creative spirit found in musicians, artists and entrepreneurs. With a successful track record launching new initiatives, I have helped CEO’s of tech-start-ups, inventors of new products and services, and talented musicians alike identify and connect with their audiences through strategic marketing and positioning.

As the former Co-Founder and CEO of Go Baby, an award-winning baby accessory company, I know first hand what it takes to initiate and execute a new business in today’s marketplace. 

Let’s Start A Conversation That Will Change The World!

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